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20 February 2019
Research Uptake Research Uptake Donor Review

DFID is one of several donors with a strategic commitment in research uptake and use. This donor review on research communication is part of a wider study contracted by DFID, which reviewed 17 DFID supported research communication programmes in relation to their contributions to DFID’s new research strategy. The objective of the donor review is to identify good practice, emerging lessons, and possible future directions in research communication, and to identify commonalities in donor priorities and strategies that could lead to better harmonisation and value addition.

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Research Uptake Communicating Research for Utilisation Scoping Report (July 2010)

This small-scale study considered the potential of a complementary approach to existing research communication initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA); a meso-level strategy to build capacity inside the institution where the researcher is employed, and to establish research communication expertise as a core competency set. It examined whether central capacity could better support researchers, better utilise the externally-funded support given on a project by project basis, enable learning from multiple projects, and make the research outputs of universities more visible, accessible, useable, cost-effective and sustainable.

It Started Here It came from Africa: Local solutions for local problems in Uganda

Like most African countries, Uganda has its fair share of social problems, one of which is an alarming dropout rate among school pupils. A 2010 UNESCO study found that despite the country`s Universal Primary Education policy, which has seen many more children entering school since its introduction in the late 1990s, the dropout rate was the highest in East Africa, ahead of Kenya and Rwanda.


Of particular concern are girls dropping out of school, since the education of girls is considered central to breaking Africa`s cycle of poverty. (See the World Bank`s 2012 Gender Equality and Development Report.)

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Defining the Field Development research and uptake: In search of better governance

Development research aims to inform evidence-based policymaking and engage society to ensure accountable government. By advocating development research outcomes, researchers aim to influence policymakers to adopt policies that will unlock economic development potential. And discovering new options for growth and finding new pathways towards achieving equity can empower the marginalised. In other words, as Fred Carden says, development research has better governance as its goal.

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Blogs Report-back from INORMS 2012

by Diana Coates


INORMS is an umbrella body for research management associations. Mooted in the early 2000s, four conferences have now been held. More than 400 research managers attended the latest, in Copenhagen, in May, more than 40 of whom were from Africa. The next will be held in Washington DC in April 2014.

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