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22 September 2019
Research Uptake What is Research Uptake Management

Research uptake is the process whereby research findings enter the domains of intended but also unintended audiences. It is a complex process as the audiences can be multiple (practitioners, policymakers, scholars, general public, etc.); the notion of “uptake”—which corresponds to “utilisation”—can assume different meanings (being aware of findings, quoting findings, implementing findings, etc.); and a variety of modes exist whereby research can reach user audiences (via publications, brokers, media campaigns, workshops, etc.).

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Africa Africa

In this section, we carry stories on examples of Research Uptake in Africa. In It's happening here, we feature blogs on ongoing cases of RU, and in It started here, we look at instances where the research has spread beyond the continent.



It's happening here

It started here


Framing the Discourse Diana Coates on Research Uptake Management

Research Uptake Management (RUM) is a process to systematically manage the research cycle from conception to utilisation with the purpose of getting research findings to the audience(s) for whom they are intended. It is usually research that is intended to have practical application while being underpinned by scientifically validated evidence.

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RUM in Action RUM in Action

Research Uptake Management (RUM) works with scientific research that has both a traditional focus on building and disseminating the bodies of knowledge created in the academic domains, and a newer and wider focus on maximising the conditions for the application of these bodies of knowledge to achieve outcomes that have a developmental impact.

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