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22 September 2019
Work Programme 4: Engaging our audiences Print
Saturday, 02 June 2012 00:00
DRUSSA Online went live in May 2012 and with it an innovation that places it at the cutting edge of technology, not only in Africa, but worldwide. Aside from our simple blogsite and database, DRUSSA Online features an app (click on the blue "register" button at the top right hand of the sidebar on this page to get it) that allows a specially tailored version of the site to be accessed online as well as offline, from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and what we needed was a way to communicate effectively with our various audiences, which included the DRUSSA Network. Digital communication was the obvious answer, but low bandwidth and intermittent connectivity experienced in some parts of Africa presented a problem. That's when tech-savvy Caite McCann of the WP4 team came up with the idea of an app. What followed were many a brainstorming session and many more hours of development, the result of which is what you see when you log on to

"In searching for an off-the-shelf application that could be adapted for use in an academic environment, we couldn`t find anything, anywhere in the world," DRUSSA Online developer Dave Perlman says. "This is a first as far as the use of mobile web app technology goes in the academic sphere."

The DRUSSA App provides a friendly, informal shared environment for the Network. Be sure to go there regularly to share your thoughts and insights.