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16 July 2019
Research Uptake Donor Review Print
Friday, 08 June 2012 00:00

DFID is one of several donors with a strategic commitment in research uptake and use. This donor review on research communication is part of a wider study contracted by DFID, which reviewed 17 DFID supported research communication programmes in relation to their contributions to DFID’s new research strategy. The objective of the donor review is to identify good practice, emerging lessons, and possible future directions in research communication, and to identify commonalities in donor priorities and strategies that could lead to better harmonisation and value addition.


The study reviewed existing documents on donor interests and investments in research communication, before selecting 20 donors for a closer assessment, out of which 17 were interviewed. These include two multi-lateral agencies, eight (with DFID) bilateral agencies, two government-funded research bodies and five corporate or private foundations. Key documents of these agencies were reviewed, and telephone interviews were held in June and July 2009.