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22 September 2019
Coming soon: DRUSSA Benchmarking II Print
Friday, 06 December 2013 00:00
As the programme moves into Phase 2 DRUSSA universities will be asked to take stock of changes in their approach to Research Uptake since the programme began. This will inform the next benchmarking, culminating in the second DRUSSA benchmarking conference in March 2014. 
The Benchmarking II questionnaire, to be distributed later this month, will be based on questions asked in Benchmarking I and will also include questions on additional issues that have emerged as the programme has developed. This will provide the opportunity to note areas of change in your university’s structures, functions, processes and approaches to getting your university’s research disseminated and taken up. 
The survey can be completed online, using a new online survey and benchmarking tool employed by the ACU. This feature-rich tool will enable universities to view their previous responses and allow them to get an overview of other universities’ responses,  before filling in the survey. 
The DRUSSA team at the ACU will provide an analysis from your responses and produce fresh Statements of Good Practice to guide discussions among the Leaders and Champions at the March Benchmarking II event, where we will work through the composite findings. Then, back home, these can be shared and worked through with university leadership and implementation teams.
It is important to remind ourselves that although the new benchmarking tool enables cross-comparisons between universities, DRUSSA benchmarking is not a ranking exercise, but rather a  guided process to identify areas of particular progress and those of significant challenge as your university works to institutionalise Research Uptake. 
By sharing experiences and practices increased inter-university collaboration should be stimulated, allowing universities to learn from and mentor one another, and to work together to develop strategies and policies to strengthen RUM practices. What emerges will also serve as an evidence base to support university leaders’ conversations with senior policymakers involved in shaping higher education and research policies. 
We will contact member universities during the next couple of weeks to ask you to complete the online survey. 
Emma Falk is a Research Officer at the Association of Commonwealth Universities