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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 10:56

PLATFORM2013  – a print and digital publication from the DRUSSA Universities in Sub-Saharan Africa [SSA] – was collaboratively produced by the DRUSSA Universities and DRUSSA Work Programme 4, all based in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over the last few weeks DRUSSA has featured twenty excellent evidence-based development research articles from DRUSSA’s PLATFORM2013 publication as a conversation starter in the Research Uptake Conversation. 


Research by Sub-Saharan Africa for Sub-Saharan Africa, and beyond

This landmark Research Uptake publication was designed to accessibly showcase a collection of SSA research evidence for public policy influencing, and for Universities to use their individual article as a means to increase policymaker/ influencer awareness of their research - with the end goal of getting their research into use.


Shared learnings from PLATFORM2013

To respond to the need expressed by the DRUSSA Universities for Research Uptake Management ‘How to’ toolkits, we have produced a ‘handbook’ blog series  titled “Research Uptake Communications: A handbook and blog series of shared learning from DRUSSA’s PLATFORM2013”. This ‘tools and tips’ blog series will roll out on the DRUSSA blog from Wednesday 29 January. Follow us if you have an interest in communicating research to facilitate impact.


Join us for a Google Hangout

The Research Uptake Communications Campaign and PLATFORM2013 have been a success, and provided a practical ‘learning by doing’ experience for all who participated.  A great deal of hard work and expertise was involved in making it happen. Watch this space for more details on DRUSSA’S PLATFORM2013 Google Hangout on 19 February. This is an online space for an informal group chat as we reflect on what went into the PLATFORM2013 campaign behind the scenes. During the hangout feel free to ask any questions that would help you with your own Research Uptake Communications campaigns.


Connect on LinkedIn

Also, keep an eye on DRUSSA’s LinkedIn profile. DRUSSA is about to begin a drive to increase our visibility in this professional network, and Diana Coates will be blogging about PLATFORM2013 and Research Uptake Management on Tuesday 18 February.


Thanks for all your support during this campaign.

Find the next post in this series: Career skills toolkit part 2 of 7: How to begin a ‘Publishing for Research Uptake’ campaign


Louise McCann is editor of PLATFORM2013



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