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26 May 2019
Monday, 28 July 2014 19:05

Part 2: Research Uptake Policy series: a Meta-analysis of the knowledge-to-policy field
by Dr Sara Grobbelaar
In this ‘Knowledge to Policy Series’, I selectively review a number of concepts in the field of knowledge to policy. I have identified four areas that will serve as a framework within which to review the knowledge-to-policy literature. Provided in each part is a short reference guide to the literature. Where relevant, I point out practical implications with suggestions on how to utilise these heuristics/theories and frameworks, and, if applicable, how material under discussion been applied in the African context.
•   Part III: New approaches to agenda analysis and policy formation (Forthcoming.)
•   Part IV: Towards synthesised theories of policy change (Forthcoming.)
In Part 2, Meta-analysis of the knowledge-to-policy field’ we discuss using meta-analysis, and review various methods and approaches used in the study of knowledge to policy, with the focus on the analysis activity. This is useful in developing awareness of the various assumptions and origins of heuristics / models and frameworks. 
I give a short introduction to various authors that have tried to do such meta-analyses and draw conclusions on how this is useful in understanding various theories that have been developed.
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