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26 May 2019
Monday, 28 July 2014 19:15

From Benchmarking to Action Plans – planning for the future
by Liam Roberts
While DRUSSA’s 2014 Benchmarking Report has been finalised, published and is now widely available, this is far from the end of the benchmarking story.
The nature of the benchmarking process is that we are seeking to measure and understand change over a period of time – not just the state of play at one moment in time. That is why responses to the 2014 Benchmarking Survey are most interesting by virtue of the responses from 2012 – that is to say, the real knowledge is found in the changes we’ve seen at the universities over this timeframe. It’s also why responses to a future benchmarking survey will help to give even greater dimension to our understanding of how Research Uptake is being built into DRUSSA Universities’ wider research agenda, and the great progress that they are making. This third, future Benchmarking survey is some time away, but it’s important to integrate what we’ve learned so far in near-term activities, too. 
On the DRUSSA blog this article continues with insight into: Action Plans; Moving Towards Implementation as well as Sharing Knowledge and adapting approaches.
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