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26 May 2019
DRUSSA and funders recognize the pivotal roles of RIMAs in SSA Print
Monday, 28 July 2014 19:26

DRUSSA and funders recognize the pivotal roles of RIMAs in SSA
Recent events demonstrate the concurrent recognition amongst funders and the DRUSSA project team that the Research and Innovation Management Associations (RIMAs) are vital mechanisms for strengthening and promoting every aspect of Research Management.
At the INORMS2014 conference held in Washington DC in April all four RIMAs (the professional bodies for research management in sub-Saharan Africa; CARIMA, WARIMA, SARIMA and EARIMA) were represented.
To the DRUSSA Universities benefit, RIMA leadership positions are occupied by DRUSSA University’ leaders and champions. As a consequence of this the universities were actively represented at two exploratory meetings held at INORMS2014, one run by the ESSENCE Group and one run by DRUSSA. DRUSSA programme co-leaders Dr. John Kirkland of the ACU and Diana Coates of OSD also participated.
What came out of these meetings was that there was agreement that having Research Uptake Management presentations at RIMA gatherings and conferences is a most effective way of raising general awareness of the importance of getting research into use, and as substantial numbers of research managers gather at these events they are ideal for organizing the presentation of training modules. These discussions were followed up at the SARIMA conference in Botswana in July, with the intention that Research Uptake training should be offered in the 2015 round of conferences.  
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