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26 May 2019
Monday, 28 July 2014 19:31

Snapshot: Developing Research Uptake Capacity at the University of Ibadan
By Eme T. Owoaje  
Dr. Eme T. Owoaje, Director of the Research Management office at UoI discusses the formalizing of Research Uptake at the University.
At University of Ibadan(UoI) Research Uptake activities are integral to activities of selected faculties, particularly Agriculture, Public Health, Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Sciences. As a result of the DRUSSA project these actives are now more formalized.
The Research Management office is geared to keep a record of ongoing Research Uptake activities submitted by researchers, and to provide an annual report. To carry out their implementation the ‘Group of 24’ people from UoI actively collaborate with one another with regard to Research Uptake activities at the university, so as to build and embed Research Uptake skills in the institution. This ‘Group of 24’ has representatives from a spectrum of university faculties, from the Directory of Public Communications, the Library, the Advancement Centre, the Management Information Systems Unit and the West African Research and Innovation Management Association (WARIMA) secretariat. A committee of six staff members has been set up to draft a Research Uptake Strategy for the University of Ibadan.
It is interesting to note that since we began to formalize the Research Uptake activities at the University, we have simultaneously noticed that increasingly, more funders are requesting Research Uptake activities and deliverables as a condition of their funding.
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