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26 May 2019
Monday, 28 July 2014 19:38

Snapshot: University of Buea has a multifaceted approach to grow Research Uptake Management capacity
by Dr. Nalova Lyonga  
Vice Chancellor Dr. Nalova Lyonga presented at INORMS2014, discussing University of Buea’s cooperative structure that is gearing up to get the university’s research into use.
When talking about building the University’s Research Uptake Communication and media reach Dr Nalova discussed the various communication pathways that are being developed to reach stakeholders. Of particular interest is that the university works with local leaders to disseminate information through their indigenous languages.
Translation methods draw on those used in churches, with culturally rich tools of drumming, dancing and theatre used to achieve pedagogic goals. Traditional media does feature as part of the University’s communication approach, but oral tradition is still the best communication practice to draw on to facilitate good Research Uptake. Currently, the university is poised to evaluate good communication practices in regard to oral tradition, as used in the many projects that UB presently houses.
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