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16 July 2019
Network News | Vol 1 No 1 STOP PRESS | June 2012
Postgraduate programme
Effective management of Research Uptake calls for a new type of specialist, one equipped with knowledge about the research cycle and effective pathways to Research Uptake and Utilisation and the expertise to facilitate what processes are needed at the institution.
The Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology (CREST) at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa has announced dates for its postgraduate programme in Research Uptake and Utilisation.
Short courses
The postgraduate short courses are designed to fulfil in-service training requirements and will be delivered annually. These modular courses are academically accredited by the University of Stellenbosch and candidates will have the option to be awarded a certificate of attendance or to submit to an assessment, which may potentially serve as credits towards the MPhil programme (see below). The first round of courses, to be held in three regions, are likely to fill up fast, so it would be in your university`s interests to identify suitable candidates to attend the courses sooner rather than later.

For more information, download this brochure. To apply to attend the courses, download the application form.
Financial support to attend the series of short courses is available for TWO INDIVIDUALS FROM EACH PARTICIPATING DRUSSA UNIVERSITY ONLY. Ideally it is up to the participating university to decide which two individuals to nominate for financial support. Once all applications for a short course have been received at the time of the deadline, the university leadership will be contacted with the list of names of all applicants from that university and asked to nominate and motivate which two applicants should qualify for financial support.
Schedule of short courses
Southern Africa
West Africa
East Africa
Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Accra, Ghana (venue to be confirmed)
Nairobi, Kenya (venue to be confirmed)
Science utilisation & impact (CPD01)
25/26 September 2012
23/24 October 2012
5/6 November 2012
Science communication (CPD02)
27/28 September 2012
25/26 October 2012
7/8 November 2012
Deadline for
20 August 2012
17 September 2012
28 September 2012

Keep track of upcoming courses on the Calendar of Events on the DRUSSA blogsite and the DRUSSA App.
MPhil | PhD: Science & Technology Studies (Specialisation in Research Uptake & Utilisation)
The MPhil | PhD programme introduces the social, political, economic, epistemological, historical and ethical dimension of science as a complex human system. The focus is on Africa, in particular topics related to science and development, the nature and formations of research systems and knowledge production in developing countries. The history of the African context (such as de-institutionalised research systems, lack of national funding, poor research infrastructure and the effects of brain drain) is covered, as are the new drivers of university intermediated knowledge production and brokering. A further focus is on research evaluation, impact evaluation and bibliometrics.

Candidates for the MPhil | PhD: Science and Technology Studies (Specialisation in Research Uptake and Utilisation) may be drawn from researchers, research managers, as well as communication and publicity managers, journalists and new media application experts.
Students outside South Africa need to apply by no later than 31 August for next year`s intake. South African students have until 30 September to apply.

To find out more, download this brochure. When applying, please use the University of Stellenbosch`s e-application system. If you experience problems applying online, please contact Marthie van Niekerk.
You will need to include the following in your application, as specified in the brochure:
-- a full CV detailing your academic as well as professional history and experience;
-- a certified copy of your academic transcript;
-- a certified copy of your degree(s); and
-- a typed one-page motivation for acceptance to the programme. The motivation should include a description of your professional goals, and an explanation of the connection between it and the MPhil course.

The complete Application Package must be submitted to the Admissions Department of the University. Incomplete and late applications cannot be considered.

Once the application has been approved by the Programme Committee, you will receive a letter of acceptance, along with other relevant information.

Please note that submitting an application form does not guarantee automatic acceptance to the university or DRUSSA postgraduate programme.
A number of bursaries are available to APPLICANTS BASED AT ANY OF THE 24 DRUSSA PARTNER UNIVERSITIES ONLY. The bursary nomination form, which can be obtained from Marthie van Niekerk , must be signed by the applicant as well as a representative of the applicant`s university`s leadership. The deadline for submitting the bursary application is Friday, 31 August 2012 at 16h30 (South African time). Candidates will be informed of the outcome of their bursary application by no later than Monday, 3 December 2012.