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16 July 2019
DRUSSA eAlert | May 2015
Welcome to the DRUSSA eAlert for May, which keeps you up to date on DRUSSA activities as well as key Networking events.
In this quarter there have been two major events; the establishment of the new DRUSSA Research Uptake Communicators Network, and the DRUSSA Vice-Chancellor’s seminar. In the next quarter the final round of short course training for the DRUSSA Leaders and Champions will take place at CREST University of Stellenbosch.
We call attention to past and upcoming events held by the sub-Saharan African Research and Innovation Management Associations, who invite the DRUSSA programme to raise awareness about Research Uptake and to provide training for their members.
 DRUSSA Digest

DRUSSA  Digest 4:1 was published in April, with the theme Identifying and Preparing Research for Uptake. This is an issue that DRUSSA funder UKAID identified as important to understand, and it has been addressed in the DRUSSA universities’ Research Uptake Strategies. DIGEST 4:1 focuses on issues of research quality as well as on the importance of understanding what particular research has the potential for Research Uptake and utilisation. If you didn't get a chance to read it when it arrived in your inbox you can have a look at it on the blogsite.
 New DRUSSA Research Uptake Communicators Network

The Research Uptake Communicators Network met in Kigali, Rwanda at the end of April to commence a set of activities that should establish the Network as a sustainable Community of Practice.
This is both the first time the group has met in person, and that the annual Research Uptake Communications [RUC] campaign has been conducted in person rather than via email. DRUSSA partner OSD provided user-centred coaching and facilitation for the RUC 2015 Campaign. With many new participants present in Kigali the work included a revisit of the RUC2013 and RUC2014 campaign content. RUC2015 focused on tools and tips for strategic and sustainable RUC content on a university website, and ways to amplify awareness of this content to strategic audiences.
The Network also conducted a focus-group scoping exercise to set the framework for a proposed online guide in Science Communication for Research Uptake and Utilisation. The Network has also taken to the social networking platforms. Join the DRUSSA Communicators on Facebook.
 DRUSSA University Short Course Training Events 2015

From 1 - 3 June 2015 the Leaders and Champions of the Research Uptake capacity-building programmes at the 22 DRUSSA universities will meet for the final block of the short course training that has been delivered annually since 2012 by CREST at the University of Stellenbosch. One of the outputs will be a consolidated learning resource.

In February and March, DRUSSA sponsored members of the Research Uptake Communicators Network to participate in the first online Science Communication short course, delivered by CREST. The reviews of the first course were unanimously positive, so do consider signing up for the second online Science Communication course that will run from October to December 2015. You can find more information as well as a link to the registration form here.
 DRUSSA at the ACU-SARIMA Conference in May 2015

At the 2015 Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association, co-sponsored by the ACU, which took place from 10–15 May in Johannesburg, the DRUSSA programme featured in the "Pathways to Uptake" strand of the conference in a joint session with  CAAST-Net Plus.

The session entitled Emerging Lessons and Case Studies included a presentation from Prof Gideon de Wet, the Dean of Research at the University of Fort Hare entitled "Research Uptake and intermediary platforms: An integrated facilitating system for sustainable development".

Other DRUSSA university presenters at the Conference were

Dr Sara Grobbelaar, DRUSSA Senior Researcher at CREST, presented a paper entitled "Developing an innovation and Research Uptake policy - designing incentives and support systems" and  Prof Johann Mouton, Director of CREST and DRUSSA Co-Lead, presented a paper entitled  "Is the post-graduate pipeline producing enough doctoral students: Recent findings and implications".
Other presentations from the Conference can be found here.
 CARIMA Annual Conference
After a late postponement of the conference, which was to be held in Malabar, Equatorial Guinea, the Central Africa Research and Innovation Management Association (CARIMA) conference took place in Cameroon in the first week of May. The theme was Promoting intra-regional collaboration in Research and innovation: stakes and challenges. DRUSSA Research Uptake Communicator at the University of Buea, Sama Ama-Mwengi Sawa, presented a paper entitled "Experiences as a Communicator under the DRUSSA Programme".
 WARIMA Annual Conference
The West African Research Innovations Management Association's (WARIMA) 2015 annual conference will be held from the 24th to 26th November, 2015 at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, University of Ghana Legon, Ghana.

The themes and sub-themes and more information on the conference can be found here.