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22 September 2019
The Team

The DRUSSA partnership consists of three entities:

  • UK-based Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), an organisation with 110 African member universities;
  • Organisation Systems Design (OSD), a South African-based consultancy specialising in facilitating change in the research management and capacity-building sectors in Africa; and
  • The Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology (CREST) at the University of Stellenbosch.
Programme Oversight Committee
Dr John Kirkland (ACU)
Rev Keith Stephenson (ACU)
Karrine Sanders (ACU)
Prof Johann Mouton (CREST)
Diana Coates (OSD)
Kate O'Shea (DFID)
DRUSSA logoACU logo
Dr John Kirkland (team leader)
Ben Prasadam-Hall
Karrine Sanders
Tomas Harber
Liam Roberts
Emma Falk
Hannah Halder
Prof Johann Mouton (team leader)
Dr Nelius Boshoff
Dr Sara Grobbelaar
Lynn Lorenzen
Marthie van Niekerk
DRUSSA logoOSD logo
Diana Coates (team leader)
Alison Bullen
Caite McCann
Louise McCann
Kate O’Shea
Research Uptake Manager
Evidence into Action Team
Department for International Development 


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