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23 July 2019
DRUSSA Research Uptake Capacity - Benchmarking III

Sharing and learning from good practice and assessing change is at the heart of the DRUSSA programme. That is why we are delighted to announce the third (and final) DRUSSA Benchmarking Process launched on 12 October 2015. As always, sharing of the survey results will be an opportunity to learn from and communicate examples of institutional change and DRUSSA universities’ successes.

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Training the Trainer for Research Uptake Communications (RUC)

In an interview with, Dr Regina Ejemot-Nwadiaro, from the College of Medical Sciences Department of Public Health at the University of Calabar shares her thoughts on the Research Uptake Communicators (RUC) course held in Rwanda earlier this year.

The University of Calabar has a strong research focus, with research ranging from tropical diseases to biogass energy from waste. As part of its mandate the university disseminates research findings to interested stakeholders in a variety of ways so that the research can have real impact. Dr Ejemot-Nwadiaro, a member of the Research Uptake Team at University of Calabar participated in the annual Research Uptake Communication mentoring campaign which resulted in each of the DRUSSA universities producing a Research Uptake blog for publication on their own university’s, and the website. We interviewed her on the benefits the mentoring and guidance has had for her university.

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Bridging the Gap between Research and Policy: the DRUSSA Fellowship Programme in Ghana

The DRUSSA programme has been working with academic institutions and government departments in Ghana and Uganda in order to link the supply and demand side of Research Uptake, through Symposia, Executive Education courses and a Fellowship scheme that places academics in government departments, allowing in-house government access to research expertise.One of the Fellows in Ghana, Dr George Adu, shares his experiences.

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Exploring Research Utilisation at the University of Ibadan

Research Uptake is a key responsibility for research managers at universities but very often it is something that is learned “on the job” with little opportunity to reflect on the theory and best practices. Dr Eme Owoaje from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria is a DRUSSA-sponsored MPhil student in Science and Technology Studies (STS) at the Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology (CREST). She shares her experiences of learning from DRUSSA academic programme, from DRUSSA colleagues and how it influenced her role as the Director of the Research Management Office.

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The DRUSSA short course learning resource

The DRUSSA Short course learning resource was developed for DRUSSA Universities in support of their Research Uptake capacity strengthening initiatives.

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