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23 July 2019
University Leaders take over the institutional Research Uptake baton

At a symposium on the side of the recent Commonwealth Conference of University Leaders in Accra Ghana, Vice-Chancellors from the DRUSSA universities resolved to continue to provide strategic support for the consolidation of research uptake into institutional systems and processes and individuals’  key research process competencies. 

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The role of experiential learning during a DRUSSA Fellowship Programme

As part of the DRUSSA Fellowship Programme Professor John Munene from Makerere University worked with the Ugandan Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (MoESTS) to strengthen/enhance the use of research evidence to inform its policy formulation, implementation and evaluation mandate.  He explains the role of experiential learning in building government capacity to use evidence.

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Bridging the Gap between Academic Research and Energy Policy in Uganda

The DRUSSA program support for Fellowships in Uganda aims to promote more use of evidence-based policies by enhancing the processes for interaction and networking between researchers and policy-makers. DRUSSA Fellow Dr Geofrey Bakkabulindi from Makerere University was based at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) of Uganda from December 2015 to May 2016 and worked with ministry officlals on the review of the National Energy Policy for Uganda (2002). Dr Bakkabulindi recounts his experiences.

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DRUSSA Universities write about Research Uptake: A Collection

As the Programme comes to an end the Communications and Engagement team has collated a Collection of Research Uptake stories from the DRUSSA Universities that have been published on This Collection provides a view of DRUSSA Universities Research Uptake activities, reflects the diversity of Research Uptake activities and also the depth of Research Uptake capacity at DRUSSA Universities. 

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DRUSSA Benchmarking Report 2016: the Research Uptake Landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa

The final DRUSSA Benchmarking Report is now available. A draft was discussed at the Benchmarking Conference in late April. This final report takes into account the discussions at the Conference and should be read in conjuction with the Consensus document, which provides a succinct guide to motivate sustainable research uptake systems and ways of working in and across DRUSSA partner universities, going forward. 

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