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23 July 2019
Framing the Discourse
Part I: Research Uptake Policy series – tensions between researchers, policy analysts and politicians

Dr Sara Grobbelaar, a Researcher at CREST, considers a range of authors’ views and explanations for the often troubled relationship between policy makers and researchers, and reviews a few suggestions on how to overcome some of these problems.

The first of this four-part blog series on Research to Policy begins by pulling focus on Research Uptake tensions, and considering the main stakeholders through a narrower lens. What is often at the root of many inter-relationship tensions? Differing perspectives and expectations.

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Making research make sense to users
Development means different things to different people. For some, development is understood as a simple and straightforward set of planned processes and outcomes, yet for others it is complex and arises from intricate responsive processes of human interaction. Whichever way development is understood, it can be argued that it should make sense to the people involved and affected.
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Research Uptake Policy Series
In this new series, I selectively review a number of concepts in the field of knowledge to policy. The topic has been defined from a range of angles, with various authors from wide-ranging disciplines and research traditions having studied the role of knowledge in the policymaking process. 
I have identified four areas that will serve as a framework within which to review some concepts in the knowledge-to-policy literature:
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Behind the University of Nairobi`s new open access policy

The University of Nairobi has adopted an open access policy to research articles and other academic material produced by its staff, and simultaneously launched an open access repository. The ACU and INASP collaborated to produce the article Enhancing the Visibility and Accessibility of Research: Demystifying and Promoting Open Access at the University of Nairobi in which Agatha Kabagu, Deputy University Librarian (Planning), University of Nairobi Library, details the reasoning behind the new policy and the steps taken to put it in place.

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Open access Part II: Driving new ways to measure impact

In Part I of his blog on Open Access, Jonathan Harle looked at open access and its implications for research uptake. Here, he takes the discourse further and looks at how open access drives developments in the ways the “impact” of research can be measured.

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