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22 September 2019
It Started Here
Mobile technology improving farming production in Kenya
altaltResearchers are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways of applying technology to improve people`s lives. In Africa and the rest of the developing world, mobile technology has revolutionised the lives of millions, and has had an impact on most sectors, from education to health, banking and many more. Its reach even extends to agriculture, where its potential to optimise farming operations is enormous. There are many examples of how mobile technology
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It came from Africa: Local solutions for local problems in Uganda

Like most African countries, Uganda has its fair share of social problems, one of which is an alarming dropout rate among school pupils. A 2010 UNESCO study found that despite the country`s Universal Primary Education policy, which has seen many more children entering school since its introduction in the late 1990s, the dropout rate was the highest in East Africa, ahead of Kenya and Rwanda.


Of particular concern are girls dropping out of school, since the education of girls is considered central to breaking Africa`s cycle of poverty. (See the World Bank`s 2012 Gender Equality and Development Report.)

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New maps signpost Africa`s groundwater stocks


While rainfed agriculture accounts for more than 95% of farmed land in Sub-Saharan Africa, groundwater is pumped from the ground for use in most households in rural areas. The latter is also used for small-scale irrigation. As rainfall patterns become increasingly variable while climate change tightens its grip on the continent and water becomes scarcer, access to groundwater will become progressively more urgent.

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Research uptake: Can Africa get it right?

More than 70% of the world's HIV-positive population live in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the end of 2010, the number stood at 22.9 million. That's the grim and sobering reality and the African AIDS community has every reason to view the situation with great pessimism. But the news isn't always bad.

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