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23 July 2019
It`s Happening Here
University of Ibadan Vice Chancellor talks about Research Uptake


As the DRUSSA Programme draws to a close some of our Research Uptake Communicators met up with their Vice Chancellors, to chat about how Research Uptake capacity has been incorporated at their universities. In this blog Adeola Funmilayo Oladeji interviews the University of Ibadan Vice Chancellor, Prof. Idowu Abel Olayinka. He discusses the framework for Research Uptake at the university and concludes that “as the DRUSSA programme is coming to an end, we need to look at challenges and things that we have not been able to do well and continue in order to sustain the programme”.

(Adeola Funmilayo Oladeji interviews the University of Ibadan Vice Chancellor)

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If I can do it you can: A challenge to busy academics

altaltWith limited budgets and big ideas the realities of Research Uptake can often be an uphill battle for a media liaison officer. At Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) the battle has gotten a little easier over the last year thanks to a collaboration with a new platform called The Conversation Africa (TCA).  Lauren Kansley discusses TCA and the opportunity it provides to bridge the divide between academics and journalists by making research more understandable and widely published on media platforms.

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Talking about Research Uptake at Kenyatta University

Sweeney Violet Tindi, administrator in the Division of Research Innovation and Outreach (RIO) at Kenyatta University (KU), and one of the University’s Research Uptake Communicators interviews the Registrar, Prof. Vincent Onywera, to talk about Research Uptake at the university, focussing on the role of RIO and the institutional mechanisms that have been put in place at KU to support Research Uptake.

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Research Uptake Action Plan: Cementing Research Uptake Efforts at the University of Ghana

altaltTo address the Research Uptake capacity gap, the University of Ghana has developed a five year action plan which sets the strategic tone and direction for the uptake and utilisation of research findings from the university. John Anoku, the universities Research Development Officer, takes us through key aspects of the plan which is currently in draft form.

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Appointment of DRUSSA Sponsored CREST Graduate to the Research & Innovation Office (RIO) at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST)

Heather Ndlovu, who graduated from the DRUSSA sponsored CREST MPhil programme, and lectures in Records and Archives Management at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe, has now been appointed part-time to support Research Uptake and spends 40% of her time working on research dissemination in the RIO office. She chatted to about what her work entails.

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