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23 July 2019
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Understanding the context for Research Uptake in Zambia

At the recent Research Communications workshop held in Johannesburg early in April 2016, we caught up with Felicitas Moyo, who is a University of Zambia DRUSSA team member, and who is currently conducting research about research impact in Zambia, as part of her DRUSSA sponsored studies at CREST. She spoke to us briefly about her research topic as well as Research Uptake activities at the university.

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Research Uptake Activities at Moi University: Disseminating Research Findings

At the Research Communication workshop held in Johannesburg, South Africa recently, caught up with Silvia Matum and Luke Kibitok to talk about Research Uptake (RU) and dissemination activities at Moi University, as well as current and future training in RU for researchers.

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Legon 18 Chilli Pepper: An example of Research Uptake and Utilisation from the University of Ghana

Since its inception in 1961, the University of Ghana’s Department of Crop Science has made great strides in supporting the development of agriculture and the food industry in Ghana. It has developed many new crop varieties, including pepper (Legon 18), garden eggs (Legon 1), cowpea (Legon prolific) and sweet potato (Freema) which are widely used by farmers in Ghana. The legon 18 pepper variety is a great example of the success of the Department in promoting Research Uptake.

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Communication Strategy to Strengthen Uptake of Research and Innovation

The premise behind the Makerere University Research and Innovations Communication Strategy was the realisation that there was a missing link in the various ‘research policies’ at Makerere University. The policies did not clearly stipulate the linkages between knowledge production and knowledge use. The RIC Strategy sets out the framework for systematically communicating and disseminating Makerere’s robust research output so as to enhance its uptake by various end users. 

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Key Research Uptake activities and successes at Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria

The success of the DRUSSA Programme at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) has been collective efforts of the DRUSSA Leaders and Champions, as well as the Research Uptake (RU) administrators. Their work has led to the sensitisation of the principal officers of OAU, the establishment of Faculty Research Uptake administrators and the deepening of RU practices within the institution. A presentation at the 2015 WARIMA Conference Prof Olubukola Olakunbi Ojo, Deputy Director of Linkages and Sponsored Research and currently DRUSSA Champion, outlined the key RU activities as well as successes at OAU. Prof Abiodun Adediran and Prof Kehinde Taiwo were the initial DRUSSA Leader and Champion, with Prof Olubukola Olakunbi Ojo joining in 2014.  Dr. I.A. Oke and Dr A. G. Akintomide are the science communicators who have been training Faculty Representatives and Mr S. O. Adewoye the university webmaster.These key RU persons are supported by faculty and departmental representatives nominated by the Deans and the Heads of Department respectively.

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