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23 July 2019
It`s Happening Here
5 500 people attended the Research Output Marketing Exhibition (ROME) at Addis Ababa University

To promote the practice of disseminating research outputs to government and commercial entities and to the wider public the University of Addis Ababa College of Natural Sciences (CNS) organized a two-day Research Output Marketing Exhibition (ROME) in 2015. The main purpose of the event was to promote Research Uptake by showcasing research findings where the potential for these to be converted into marketable commodities and/or services is being investigated. The event was also intended to promote the research prowess of the College and initiate and strengthen the ties between the College and the industrial and agricultural sectors.

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Kenyatta University has an established culture of Research Uptake

Kenyatta University continues to  build a strong and dynamic research culture that enriches academic experience, creates new knowledge across disciplines, and helps improve the economic, social, and cultural vitality of the country, region and beyond. Research continues to be an important catalyst for development and with the country’s effort geared towards middle income economy, the University recognizes that creation, adaption and use of knowledge are among the critical factors necessary for rapid economic growth and development. 

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Mauritius Higher Education Institutions and Research Uptake: Research Responses to Development Priorities

One element of the DRUSSA programme’s Research Uptake approach is to foster university higher education policy dialogue. The University of Mauritius organized a symposium on 27th November 2015 entitled, “Mauritius Higher Education Institutions and Research Uptake: Research Responses to Development Priorities”. 

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Food Security, Economic Empowerment, Improved Livelihoods – all rolled up in the Kenyan Indigenous Chicken Value Chain

Innovative research with robust recommendations for development is taking place in DRUSSA Universities – if you have any doubt take a look through the various Research Uptake Communications Campaigns run by DRUSSA in 2013, and  2014/15. Another example comes from Kenyatta University, as Violet Tindi explains,  where recommendations have been made for enhancement of productivity in rearing chickens, an important form of food security in Kenya.

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Institutional and Divisional Performance Contracts incorporate Research Uptake at the University of Nairobi

Research Uptake at the University of Nairobi takes many forms and is required by the university as well as many funders, including government. In the past Research Uptake has been un-coordinated but for the past four years the university has put in place policies and systems to mainstream and manage Research Uptake. In a chat with Rosemary Omwandho, who is the Assistant Registrar in the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Production and Extension) at the University, outlines what has been done.

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