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23 July 2019
It`s Happening Here
Performance Contracts include Research Uptake at the University of Rwanda

In 2013 the University of Rwanda (UR) was established, merging all seven public Universities and shortly after 3 Nursing Schools and 2 Teacher training colleges were added. The aim of the merger was to rationalise resources for increased efficiency and quality. It's research strategy reveals that it is a research intensive university with a vision to conduct excellent research that is locally relevant and internationally recognized. The UR is organized into 6 colleges each formed by a cluster of similar disciplines and is spread over 14 campuses. Despite the upheaval of the merger Research Uptake initiatives, which began in collaboration with the DRUSSA Programme in 2012, the university has continued apace and performance indicators for Research Uptake have been included in institutional and individuals’ contracts. Prof Verdiana Masanja chatted to about these indicators.

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Research and Innovation Managers vote for the establishment of an East African Research and Innovation Management Association

Following the successful conference and inaugural Annual General Meeting of the newly registered Eastern African Research and Innovation Management Association (EARIMA), hosted by the Ugandan chapter in Kampala, Uganda, in late August, the first elected committee mandated the President, Professor Eli Katunguka-Rwakishaya to initiate the formal recognition of EARIMA by  ‘sister’ associations.

At the annual Society of Research Administrators International (SRAInternational) meeting in Las Vegas, USA, in October Prof Katunguka Rwakishaya signed an MOU with the SRA International  President, Dr John Westensee and CEO Dr Elliot Kulakowski.

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A New Dynamism for Research at University of Buea: Promotion of Research Collaboration and Research Uptake

The University of Buea’s mission for research is to conduct research for sustainable development to provide scientific evidence and evidence-based practices that enhance the quality of life of Cameroonians. Both fundamental and applied research is done to address issues of relevance to industry, the local, national and global communities. Sama Awa-Mengi Levai outlines the University’s approach to Research and its promotion of Research Uptake.

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Research contributes to increased Yam production in West Africa

The University of Ibadan’s vision is “to be a world-class institution for academic excellence geared towards meeting societal needs” and part of its mission is to contribute to the transformation of society through creativity and innovation. The research conducted at the university plays an important role in achieving its vision and mission and, given the importance of agriculture in achieving food security, research on food crops is important.

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Building a Research Evidence culture for Public Policy Management in Uganda

The DRUSSA programme has been working with academic institutions and government departments in Ghana and Uganda in order to link the supply and demand side of Research Uptake. This is being done through Symposia, Executive Education courses and a Fellowship scheme that places academics in government departments, allowing in-house government access to research expertise.

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