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23 July 2019
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Media interest is key in Research Uptake success: showcasing Innovation

Engaging with print, electronic and digital public and technical media is an important part of university Research Uptake – journalists can play an important role in linking universities with their stakeholders, including industry, policy influencers and the general public. CPUT’s recent Innovation Showcase event shows how successfully engaging with the media can bring big rewards.

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Mbarara University of Science and Technology’s Approach to integrating Research Uptake into Institutional Infrastructures

The Faculty of Medicine at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) was established in October 1989. It is the largest Faculty in the university and currently has 23 departments and 1200 students. The faculty has a strong community oriented research focus and is the first faculty at the university to set up an Office of Research Administration (ORA). This move feeds into the overall university research strategy that recommends establishing similar offices in each faculty and institute as research administration and uptake management is integrated into university structures, including the planned Centralized Institutional Research Innovations and Management Office (CIRIMO).

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RUC2013 to RUC2015: Why have we always taken a team approach?

Reflecting on guiding and coaching the participants in the annual Research Uptake Communication exercise have experienced, Louise McCann chats about how the RUC experience has always been about individuals acquiring and practicing skills in a real-world, team oriented work environment.

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Research Uptake at the University of Zambia

DRUSSA Universities are making great progress in institutionalising Research Uptake and supporting faculties in their Research Uptake activities. But within universities the needs of different faculties can be very different, as emerged in an interview with Mazuba Muchindu and Halwindi Hikabasa, lecturers and DRUSSA short course attendees from the University of Zambia.

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Community Uptake of Research Addresses Food Security in the Eastern Cape

Barbara Manning interviews Prof. Pearson Mnkeni of the Department of Agronomy and lead researcher in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Research Niche Area (RNA) at the University of Fort Hare and discusses the importance of Research Uptake. According to Prof. Pearson  “Making research as accessible as possible will increase the uptake of that research and its usefulness to society as a whole. This is the underlying objective behind holding such events as Open Days for farmers. Sharing results and research findings with the small-scale farmers in the Tyhume valley surrounding Fort Hare is an excellent way of doing this."

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