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23 July 2019
It`s Happening Here
Research Uptake in CPUT’s Research and Innovation Strategy

At research intensive universities there is always a tension between the traditional focus on producing research to enhance the university’s international standing and the new imperative to produce and promote research that contributes to national development. Can universities focus on each of these objectives without compromising the other?

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DRUSSA University Vice-Chancellors’ Leadership Seminar

At the Vice Chancellors (VC’s) meeting that took place on the side of the ACU SARIMA Conference on the 11th May, DRUSSA Vice-Chancellors discussed their university's experiences of Research Uptake (RU) awareness raising and capacity building over the first three years of the DRUSSA Programme. As well as outlining successes, challenges and barriers that have been faced, they also discussed opportunities for future sustainability.

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Moi University College Principal to lead University Research Chair for Health systems (URC) in Kenya

As DRUSSA universities build research capacity, Kenya has a new programme which aims to promote top-quality research and Research Uptake, improve post-graduate training and enhance collaboration between universities and other research stakeholders - a model which looks set to make a difference in how universities strengthen relationship with both policymakers and industry.

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RUC2014 Blog 18: Why Waste Separation management is key in Rwanda and beyond

The University of Rwanda looks at how developing economic drivers for waste separation management at urban municipal level could improve public health, protect the environment and create useable benefits such as the production of fertilisers and biogas that could be used to the benefit of communities in African cities.

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RUC2014 Blog 17: New dye made from weed revives Kenya’s textile industry and brings local fabric costs down

A researcher from Moi University has worked out how to extract natural and environmentally friendly dye from weeds that threaten food crops, leading not only to the revival of a local textile business, but to the textile industry at large in Kenya.

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