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23 July 2019
It`s Happening Here
RUC2014 Blog 16 Entreprenurial spirit burns bright amongst township youth

A study into youth entrepreneurship in Khayelitsha township in South Africa reveals that despite a lack of support youth still remain enthusiastic about starting their own businesses. Findings show that simple interventions could counteract threats to this entrepreneurial spirit, with positive benefits.

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RUC2014 Blog 15 Waste to Wealth: production of biogas energy from organic waste in Nigeria

The issue of sourcing modern renewable energy sources remains a top global priority.  University of Calabar highlights the potential of biogas technology.

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Building Research Capacity: The African Universities Research Approaches Programme

A new programme aimed at building capacity in both teaching and research practice is in its start-up phase. Its conceptualisation and its broad objectives are similar to those of  DRUSSA. Both programmes strengthen the research capacity of Universities research support capacity in order that universities can contribute solutions to socio-economic challenges.

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Deciding on a research topic to communicate for uptake is a daunting task

An important part of any university Research Uptake strategy is choosing which research to feature. To maximise the chances for uptake to be successful the topic covered by the research needs to be relevant to broader societal needs. Johannes Selepe from the University of Limpopo gives us a glimpse into how they selects topics as outlined in their UL2020 Research Strategy document, and the key dissemination outlets they publish in.

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Symposium on Higher Education in Uganda

A recent symposium on higher education in Uganda focussed on how to bridge the gap between policy and research. The symposium laid the groundwork for strengthening the relationship between research institutions, particularly universities, and policymakers and influencers. It provided an opportunity for senior delegates from universities and the Ugandan government to reflect on the challenges facing both sectors.

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