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22 September 2019
From our Tech Guru: Digital Platforms and Reporting

Universities in the DRUSSA programme have actively been growing the presence of Research Uptake Communication material, in the form of stories about uptake of evidence-based development research happening at their Universities. An important element of that process is gauging the website-audience response to the digitally published content. site manager Caite McCann has some experience to share on digital platforms with a focus on useful insights for reporting. 

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The New DRUSSA Online Research Communication Guide

An online Research Communication Guide  was produced as part of a series of DRUSSA learning materials designed to support universities to build capacity in communicating research, as well as to embed good practice in research communication within participating institutions. 

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From our Tech Guru: Using MailChimp for Research Uptake Communication

altaltAn important tool for directed Research Communication is email. Mailchimp is an excellent emailing service that allows you to set up multiple subscriber lists and manage mass emailings as well as track usage. Our Tech Guru, Caite McCann, gives us the low down on designing and sending Mailchimp newsletters.

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Engaging Your Audience: Presenting Your Research Evidence

Powerpoint presentations seem to be the ideal way of disseminating research findings and optimizing Research Uptake. At  workshops, conferences and teaching events you have a captive audience, what could go wrong? Most of us has discovered either as a presenter or a listener that there is far too much that can go wrong. You often have limited time to present the result of years of work, there can be technical difficulties, power failures when you have prepared a visual presentation, or you may just not be very comfortable with public speaking. Our in-house tech guru, Caite McCann has produced a technical guide to setting up a good power-point presentation.

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Strategies for Effective Research Uptake Communication and Impact

A working paper entitled “Impact and Communications Strategy: Supporting Projects to Achieve Impact”, based on previous briefs prepared for research projects jointly funded by UKaid and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) outlines an Impact and Communications Strategy and identifies some of the key best practices in terms of Research Communication as well as the kinds of support that a funder, or research institution, can provide to promote Research Uptake.

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