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23 July 2019
Tools for Google searching: hot tips to make it easier to find what you’re looking for on websites

DRUSSA’s resident technology guru Caite McCann gives us some intel on how we can benefit from the billions of dollars spent on Google’s search functionality.

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DRUSSA Universities combine their strategic thinking to mutual benefit

A group of leaders and champions from DRUSSA Universities in Sub-Saharan Africa recently gathered to collectively draft a guidelines document on ‘How to write a University Research Uptake Strategy’  

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Tools for academic publishing: why it’s worth knowing about EPUBs

altaltDRUSSA’s resident technology guru Caite McCann gives us the inside intel on the most popular format in digital publishing

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Producing new research vs communicating what we already have… what do you think?

@DFIDEvidence recently tweeted the question in the title above to @DRUSSAfrica. A tweet of 140 characters proved too few for what PLATFORM2013 editor Louise McCann wanted to contribute to the conversation. She's chipped in with a short blog that doesn't involve the opening of any PDFs.


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Building institutional capacity for RU series now available for download
While it is important for individuals to be enabled to become proficient in the management of Research Uptake (RU), efforts to get research into use will not come to fruition unless the institutional environment is conducive to such activity. Although institutional capacity building may be the more difficult goal to achieve in the short term, it has the potential to produce more impactful and sustainable long-term results.
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