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23 July 2019
Make your story compelling, right from the start

Researchers often become frustrated by the way journalists report their research findings. Writing on the Research to Action website, FUNDESA senior researcher Jorge Benavides says researchers “tend to focus their attention on describing and specifying the problem in all its nuances, isolating all the variables that could introduce bias in their analysis …”

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Building institutional capacity for Research Uptake Part III: Enabling push factors through engagement

altaltIn the first part of my series, “Building institutional capacity for Research Uptake”, I identified five areas for “linking research efforts with action”. These were:

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Communication: Make sure your strategy is failsafe
Communicating with your audiences without a focused strategy and plan of action in place is like randomly firing off a shotgun in the dark hoping some shots will find their target. And no doubt some will find their target, but that is simply no longer good enough. In the early months of DRUSSA’s existence, formulating what eventually became our Digital Engagement Strategy (DES) was the highest priority for the communications team in Cape Town. The DES is based on the innovative strategy developed for the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) by Communications Head Nick Scott. The ODI communications strategy went on to win the Online Strategy of the Year by the Digital Communications Awards in Berlin in September 2012.
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Building institutional capacity for Research Uptake Part II: Creating a climate for Research Uptake

Research Uptake (RU) and its management should be “business as usual” at the university. It is an activity that forms a natural part of the research process--in other words, routine. But how best to achieve this?

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Making the most of events
Events are part and parcel of the DRUSSA programme, with the launch and Benchmarking I events kickingstarting it and presenting the first opportunity for representatives from the various university teams to meet one another and the DRUSSA team. Then, of course, followed the DRUSSA university implementation events during the last half of 2012 and throughout 2013. At these event workshops many implementation teams listed the hosting of events as an excellent way to communicate research to internal as well as external stakeholders. 
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