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23 July 2019
Your Research Uptake Web Page: Five tips
As part of a larger Research Uptake Communications Campaign, DRUSSA is motivating each DRUSSA participant university to develop a Research Uptake page on its existing university website. The Research Uptake Communication Campaign 2013 (RUC2013) will be launched at the Association for Commonwealth Universities’ centenary event in London in October, and will showcase the DRUSSA universities’ capacity to get policy-directed research into use. 
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Whose policy brief is it anyway?

A policy brief can be a powerful tool to get your message across to policymakers, and it is an important component within an overall communication strategy that can encourage successful Research Uptake. But what is it exactly and what makes a good and effective policy brief?

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New from DFID: Guide to Research Uptake (2013)

This guide to Research Uptake produced by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) provides information on the donor’s approach to Research Uptake and practical advice for designing a Research Uptake strategy for the research projects that it funds. This is a useful, high-level guide on the various stages of developing, implementing and monitoring a Research Uptake strategy. 

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DFID Guidance Note on Research Communication (2009)

The Department for International Development (DFID) publication, a Guidance Note on Research Communication, is a useful, high-level guide that explains the various stages of developing, implementing and monitoring a communication strategy. 

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Communicating Research Uptake: What to present and how to present it

If those of us whose job it is to disseminate research want to make our efforts reach the end users and make research have the impact it deserves, we need to draw a distinction between the way in which researchers and scientists present their research to us and how we, the disseminators of research, innovations and discoveries present this information to our audiences. 

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