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23 July 2019
Strategies & tools to facilitate Research Uptake Part I: A working model
Research Uptake strategies and tools are like sharp kitchen utensils that can either serve us or slice us, depending on how we handle them. Similarly, issues of Research Uptake and utilisation worldwide are like a battle between researchers and research institutions, and their audiences, namely the public, the private sector and civil society (policymakers, NGOs and CBOs). This is not a struggle with guns and bombs, but rather one of capacity, habit, attitude and ego.  
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Great presentation on stakeholder analysis
This is a great presentation on stakeholder analysis by Steve Raybould, published on Research to Action. The presentation (on Slideshare) is a step-by-step guide on what a stakeholder is, the purpose of doing stakeholder analyses, meeting stakeholder needs and the stakeholder analysis process.

After working through the presentation, you should be able to describe a stakeholder, who your institution’s stakeholders are, how you can prioritise stakeholders using stakeholder analysis, how to categorise stakeholders and how stakeholder mapping can identify key stakeholder groups.

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Great resource to track your online footprint

Do you know what your digital shadow looks like? Or the size and shape of your online footprint? If not, or if you’re not even sure what these two concepts mean, then a new publication by Sarah Goodier and Laura Czerniewicz at the OpenUCT Initiative at the University of Cape Town might be just what you need.

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Short course materials: A useful resource
In the afterglow of the success of last year`s short courses (Modules 1 and 2), Research Uptake and Utilisation for Impact and Science Communication, the MPhil and PhD components of the DRUSSA postgraduate programme began with the intake of the first cohort by CREST at the University of Stellenbosch (US) in February. The DRUSSA Class of 2013 attended the first two modules of the degrees, the topics of which were Research Evaluation and Research Impact Design. Altogether 13 candidates (seven MPhil and six PhD ) from nine 
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Leveraging your institution`s research

One of the smartest ways for a university to raise its profile is to use what many already have in abundance—research. And the quickest, easiest way of publicising research is to do it through the university`s website. Surely, in terms of getting the biggest return on time and effort invested, this has to be the first and most obvious port of call for those whose job it is to publicise institutional activities.

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