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23 July 2019
Effective Stakeholder Engagement To Influence Policymakers

A key consideration for Research Uptake is stakeholder engagement. In its Handbook Series DRUSSA has explored both the theories behind Stakeholder Engagement as well as the practice. A recently published Policy Influence Toolkit produced by MHIN and the ODI explores these issues further, specifically in the context of engaging with policymakers.

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Evidence-Based Research has Impact

Measuring the impact of Research Uptake interventions is a tricky business, particularly given the lead-time between activities and the potential impact. It is often difficult to unpack the impact of a particular event or project from other factors that may have played a role. Establishing evidence of impact is important however, not only to justify specific programme outcomes but also to inform your overall theory of change.

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One Stop Shop for Research Use Resources

Research Uptake, or research utilization, is a consideration throughout the research process. In fact it starts even before the research begins, in the conceptualising and design of the study where stakeholders should ideally be consulted on their needs and expectations.

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TTI-PEC Approach to Developing a Policy Engagement and Communications Workplan

Uptake and use of research evidence is more likely to happen if there is an understanding of the needs of users.  The Think Tank Initiative Policy Engagement and Communications Workplan (TTI-PEC) toolkit is a useful resource when thinking through a comprehensive Policy Engagement and Communications strategy and workplan.

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How to find a needle in the internet haystack: more easy tools for Google searching

In part two of this series DRUSSA’s resident technology guru Caite McCann shares more secrets on how Google’s multi-billion dollar search functionality can make for richer internet searching on any device…including your mobile phone.

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