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22 September 2019
Improving Research Dissemination and Linkages between Research Institutions and Commerce and Industry

The theme of the 2014 WARIMA conference, held in Elizade, Nigeria from 24-26 November, was “Enhancing University-Government-Industry Research and Innovation Partnerships for local relevance and global competitiveness”. A round-table discussion featured the viewpoints of Federal ministries and agencies, the services and manufacturing industries, higher education bodies and WARIMA member universities.   The consensus was that, at present, it is the readiness of university graduates to participate in corporate and entrepreneurial jobs that can have the most impact.

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Research Uptake Donor Review

DFID is one of several donors with a strategic commitment in research uptake and use. This donor review on research communication is part of a wider study contracted by DFID, which reviewed 17 DFID supported research communication programmes in relation to their contributions to DFID’s new research strategy. The objective of the donor review is to identify good practice, emerging lessons, and possible future directions in research communication, and to identify commonalities in donor priorities and strategies that could lead to better harmonisation and value addition.

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Communicating Research for Utilisation Scoping Report (July 2010)

This small-scale study considered the potential of a complementary approach to existing research communication initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA); a meso-level strategy to build capacity inside the institution where the researcher is employed, and to establish research communication expertise as a core competency set. It examined whether central capacity could better support researchers, better utilise the externally-funded support given on a project by project basis, enable learning from multiple projects, and make the research outputs of universities more visible, accessible, useable, cost-effective and sustainable.

What is Research Uptake Management

Research uptake is the process whereby research findings enter the domains of intended but also unintended audiences. It is a complex process as the audiences can be multiple (practitioners, policymakers, scholars, general public, etc.); the notion of “uptake”—which corresponds to “utilisation”—can assume different meanings (being aware of findings, quoting findings, implementing findings, etc.); and a variety of modes exist whereby research can reach user audiences (via publications, brokers, media campaigns, workshops, etc.).

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The University in Society: Engaging and Enabling

altaltby Liam Roberts


The famous adage asks us: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Perhaps we can adapt that question to fit a Higher Education context: If good research is generated and no one is there to manage it, does it have a development impact?

Granted, the second question isn’t as catchy. But it is the one with which we concern ourselves, and which forms the basis of much of our work in the DRUSSA programme.

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