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16 July 2019
The Science Cafe: An interactive approach to public engagement

altaltSuccessful Research Uptake depends on a whole range of engagement strategies on the part of the university. To bring research outputs outside the academic sector and into communities where they can have direct development impact, universities need to be able to work with mass media outlets to disseminate findings and to raise awareness about research activities.

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Uptake of African University Research by Policy Makers

This blog outlines some key findings of a survey conducted by the Think Tank Initiative in 2013, which surveyed the key information sources that African policy makers use in the decision making process. DRUSSA Universities can use this information to refine their research uptake strategies to target policy makers with their research findings.

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How can universities influence development policy?

altaltSome weeks ago, members of the Evidence-Based Policy in Development Network (EBPDN) had an interesting debate on what universities could do to get their academic research “out there”. Many good ideas emerged from the discussion. EBPDN coordinator at the Overseas Development Institute Clara Richards summarised the discussion, giving some examples and resources. This is the gist of the discussion.

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Assessing research impact

One of the more significant debates surrounding the downstream results of Research Uptake concerns the complex task of assessing impact. On the one hand, universities will universally agree that a central part of their core mission is to serve the public good through the applied knowledge they generate for social and developmental change—and academics themselves are obviously also keen to see their own research inspire change and advance developmental goals. 

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Social engagement: Seeking viable models
As we ask ourselves how we can build effective, sustainable Research Uptake systems at African universities, we should remind ourselves that similar questions are asked around the world. So, what lessons can be shared across borders, and what are the unique distinctions that differentiate effective Research Uptake systems elsewhere?
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